Infant and Preschool

We know the importance of early intervention. We schedule all infant and preschool evaluations within two weeks of your request.

School Age

We offer a range of assessment and intervention services to support school-age children, with a focus on autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, anxiety, and learning disabilities.


We provide services to help teens who are struggling academically, socially and/or behaviorally in order to promote success in the home, the school, and in the transition to secondary education or employment.


We provide assessments and therapy for adults who may be struggling socially or at work, with a focus on autism spectrum disorder evaluations.

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We serve individuals with behavior, social/emotional, and learning challenges from infancy through adulthood.

At Sutton Psychology Services, our highly educated and experienced team is dedicated to using current best practices for assessing and treating children and adults struggling with autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, anxiety, depression, challenging behaviors, and difficulties at school or work. It is our mission to provide families living in the Tampa Bay area with expert, developmentally-based behavioral care that is individualized, collaborative, and creates meaningful change.

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Latest News

Anxiety in Children

The outbreak of COVID-19 is stressful for many people, and children are certainly not immune to the anxiety. It is normal to feel stressed about the unknowns and the future. However, when anxiety gets too high it can have a negative impact on the brain and the body....

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Screen time and the Coronavirus

One of the topics I find being raised most often in therapy these days is concern over excessive screen time. While parents have long struggled with helping their children find balance between time on electronics and other activities, the challenge has likely never...

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20 Best Value Colleges for Students with Autism 2019

It is that time of the year when families begin touring college campuses, exploring options for post secondary education. While a traditional four-year college may be an excellent fit for many individuals with ASD, others might require additional supports as they make...

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Autism Speaks Names Top Ten Autism Studies of 2018

Early this year Autism Speaks named the top studies in advances in autism intervention, biology, genetics, epidemiology, and early symptom development. Autism Speaks is one of the leading organizations dedicated to serving individuals with autism spectrum disorders...

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ASD Autism Spectrum Disorder – Early Indicators

Where do I start? What are the red flags? When should I have my child evaluated?  These questions are just the beginning and what follows can be challenging to say the least. First, not every social difficulty or communication issue is a sign of autism. Early...

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Adolescent Transition Support

Adolescence can be a period of very high stress for individuals with ASD and their families. In an attempt to better help support these families, I recently attended a university-based training on a newly developed, research-backed family intervention program. The...

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