Cognitive Behavioral Therapy / Individual Therapy

In cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) individuals learn a set of skills to help them recognize unhelpful thoughts and feelings (e.g., anxiety, anger, or depression), to change those thoughts and feelings, and to better handle situations that make them feel this way. CBT may require support from caregivers in how to practice newly learned skills outside of session. We are available to address topic such as bullying, sexuality, peer pressure, applying to/being in college, finding a job, independence, and family conflict. We work with many parents who have children with special needs to address grieving or to offer support in how to best support their child’s development. We also address stressors related to marriage and work, among other issues.


Many parents seek our help soon after obtaining a diagnosis, as the “next-steps” can be overwhelming. We will meet with you and your child, and review any previous reports. We will then help you set goals for treatment and offer recommendations regarding what type of specific intervention strategies may be best suited for your child and family. Because we work closely with many ABA, speech, and occupational therapists, we can help direct you to the provider(s) who is the best “match” for your child based on intervention priorities and any insurance needs. We meet with many families on a regular basis to offer assistance in tracking progress and modifying intervention strategies as appropriate.